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Smart Home Capabilities

remote_proSeparately a home theater, music system, security system, lighting control, climate control, and shade control provide convenience, comfort, and luxury to any home. But it’s when all of these systems are integrated together that the benefits of living in a smart home make an enormous impact. United under a common control system, an LCD keypad, color touch screen, or an on-screen TV interface can alter the atmosphere of the entire house with one press of a button.

Imagine as you leave your house for the day that the “Away” button on your home control system has been programmed to turn off all your lights, adjust the house temperature, turn off your TVs and music throughout the house, close your blinds, and arm your security system. Conversely, imagine when you return home that your “Home” button disarms the security system, turns on certain lights, adjusts the temperature to a comfortable level, and cues the whole-house music system. These features are convenient, practical, and achievable.