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Hey, Nathan. I’m still loving the system. Still blown away by it. Very nice. Thank you.

Bill Pyke


For almost 40 years, Annual Business Campaign contributors have provided countless local students with financial aid. … This would not be possible without support from Press Play Home Entertainment. Union College is honored to partner with you.

Stephen Dare

VP for Union College Relations

Hope you enjoyed the weekend. I wanted to thank you for all of your wonderful help.

Thank you!

Mary Abbruzzese

American Cancer Society

Hi Nathan:

I can’t even begin to tell you again how grateful I am! You and the whole gang at Press Play are just awesome, and I don’t use that word lightly!

Thanks again!

Legal Project 2009

All is working great!

I actually gave out two of your business cards to a work colleague and a golfing buddy (after they saw the set-up, they were interested).

Brian V. Hannafin

Vice President, Business Development & Marketing, Center for Economic Growth (CEG)

I didn’t realize what an amazing system you installed for me until I was at someone else’s house the other day and saw theirs. Glad I went with you guys.

Rick Postulka

I hope this finds you well. It was great meeting the staff of Press Play at our event. Thank you again for your generous donation.

M. Khamel Abdulai

Project Administrator, The Legal Project

You guys were just awesome!!!!

Truly, I cannot thank you enough—there is a place in Heaven for all of you!

Lisa A. Frisch

Executive Director, The Legal Project